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Annual Booster

₹. ( Per Year )

Life Time Demat Charges : Rs. 123/-

Per Order : Rs. 1/- only

Daily Booster

(Pay when you wish to trade unlimited)

₹. (Per Segment)

Life Time Demat Charges: Rs. 234/-

Per Order : Rs. 1/-

Other Charges

FAQ’s for Annual Booster Plan

Yes, you have the flexibility to pause annual booster plan up to three times annually, with each temporary discontinuation lasting a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 15 days.

By opting for a Pause period, Annual Booster Plan will only be extended on a proportionate basis. Your trading account will remain active at all times, unless your trading account become dormant in accordance with exchange guidelines

If we fail to meet your standards, we will refund the remaining annual booster fees on a prorated basis.
To activate the pause period, please send an email to and await confirmation from our dedicated KYC team via email. You should expect to receive the confirmation within 48 hours after the pause period request email has been received by you.
You have the option to pause your plan up to three times per year.
Each pause period must have a minimum duration of seven days and a maximum of 15 days.
No, you can trade any time as your account is active as per exchange (unless it becomes dormant as per exchange guidelines). However, during the pause period, if you decide to trade, your ongoing pause period will discontinue immediately, and Annual Booster Plan will resume as usual.
According to point number 3, once you notify us at that you wish to discontinue your annual Booster plan, our system will calculate the excess amount to be refunded within 2 working days

After discontinuing the Annual Booster plan, the system will automatically transition you to the Daily Booster plan. (Please refer to the Daily Booster Plan for more details.

Upon receiving confirmation from our dedicated KYC team, the pause period will commence within 2 days.

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